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PolyJet 3d printing creates objects by jetting liquid polymer droplets onto the build surface and curing the layers with UV light. This technology can achieve the highest level of surface quality, finest details and widest range of material properties like flexibility or heat resistance.

  • Available Materials


  • Layer Thickness

    0.05 – 0.16 mm

  • Min. Size

    150 / 150 / 100 mm

  • Max. Size

    240 / 200 / 150 mm

  • Accuracy

    0.1 – 0.3 mm

  • Cost


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Ultra-fine parts with many options for material properties.

PolyJet printing is a fantastic option for functional parts and prototyping. With this technology the options are on another level: digital materials, rigid or flexible, over 500,000 color options, digital ABS, temperature resistant, transparent, rigid opaque, simulated polypropylene, rubber-like, biocompatible.

Ideal for functional parts, with accurate material properties

Ultra HD detail and part surface

Medical-grade materials available

PolyJet Material Options

Vero Whitе
Vero White

3D print smooth, accurate parts for testing, surgical planning or tooling.

Color Options: 01


Print and PolyJet part.

Vero White

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