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Metal Printing

Metal printing is one of the rarest 3d printing technologies. Metal powder is bonded by laser sintering to form the object. This technology produces highly detailed objects directly in metal without the limitations of CNC tooling, die casting, or other traditional metal production methods.

  • Available Materials


  • Layer Thickness

    0.1 - 0.7 mm

  • Min. Size

    Ø 100 / 100 mm

  • Max. Size

    Ø 200 / 200 mm

  • Accuracy


  • Cost


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We make Metal Printing accessible
through fast turnaround
& competitive prices.

3DBG Print Studio is one of the few European metal printing companies making this technology accessible. With 3d metal printing complex, end-use parts can be produced with drastically reduced costs and lead times while allowing the flexibility to change designs and concepts. This flexibility is game-changing for innovation, engineering, and product design companies.

No investment in multiple machines or die casting

Easily modify and update parts

Print in final material and continue with standard metal finishing processes

Metal Printing Material Options

Steel - 316L ( AISI316L / 1.4404 )
Stainless Steel SS316L 3d printing

SS316L ( AISI316L / 1.4404 ) a low-carbon alloy of stainless steel also known as 1.4404, is highly corrosion-resistant and offers excellent strength.

Color Options: 01

Inconel - 718C (Inconel 718 / 2.4668)
Inconel 718 3d printing

Inconel 718 (Inconel 718 / 2.4668) exhibits an exceptional thermal resistance, up to 700°C, and high resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

Color Options: 01


3d print in metal.

Automotive Part

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