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Liquid Crystal Display 3d printing produces objects by hardening liquid resin into plastic by exposing it to LED light via an LCD display. LCD technology is commonly used for jewelry, dental, prosthetic, and rapid prototyping.

  • Available Materials


  • Layer Thickness

    0.025, 0.150 mm

  • Min. Size

    121 / 68 / 160 mm

  • Max. Size

    510 / 280 / 350 mm

  • Accuracy


  • Cost

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Produce super accurate prototypes
or production runs fast!

LCD is a simple process that makes printing objects extremely fast. It offers a high level of accuracy, minimal need for finishing. We have a variety of LCD machines for high-volume production, super detailed prints, or dental industry-specific.

Highly accurate and dense objects via the liquid medium

Fast printing with full layers completed at once

Cost-effective way to prototype or produce

LCD Material Options

Daylight Precision Dental Castable smoky

This resin is ideal for prototyping high-detailed objects, such as figurines and jewellery models.

Color Options: 10

Daylight Manga
Daylight Manga Dental

Daylight Manga is ideal for large-scale applications where large models or even short-form parts are required.

Color Options: 04

UV DPL Resin
UV Flexible Resin DPL

This material offers resistance to impact, compression, bending, and stress fatigue without breaking or deforming.

Color Options: 07

UV Laser Resin
UV High Tensile Resin Laser

These materials are capable of producing incredibly detailed parts along with great strength, higher than that of injection moulded Polycarbonate with similar mechanical behaviour.

Color Options: 06

UV LCD Firm Resin

UV LCD Resin is a photopolymer with several options of material properties; hard, flexible, firm or high-tensile.

Color Options: 03


Print an LCD part.

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