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STEM equipment provided by 3DBGPRINT

STEM equipment provided by 3DBGPRINT.

3DBGPRINT is a leading Bulgarian company fully focused on the 3d technology development, sales, manufacturing and 3d printing. We sale, maintain and repair different 3d printers, and expanding in 3D scanning, 3D design and modeling services, refinement of 3D printed parts and product design.

The trademark was created back in 2013. We do have training and exhibition center and own 3D LAB for exploring various technologies, services and training.

With the forthcoming NATIONAL PROGRAM for EU funding “BUILDING A SCHOOL STEM ENVIRONMENT”, 3DBGPRINT offers to all interested educational institutions, services for participating, project applying, getting ready with certain budget for your needs and current trends in the modern education.

What is “STEM”:

The national program is focused on creating new integrated school centers, specially created and equipped learning spaces for natural and mathematical school activities in the state and municipal schools in the Bulgaria.

Each school center must do changes in the following lines: physical environment (improvement of interior architecture and furnishing of existing spaces/classrooms), new technologies, creating learning content, teaching methods and management of the educational process.


The program is specialized for educational institutions with innovative practices and those with potential for innovating development in the natural sciences activities, digital technologies learning,

Modern and creative engineering thinking and mathematics (STEM).


3DBGPRINT can provide the educational institutions/schools with 3D printers, 3D scanners and 3D pens, as well as provide the necessary training courses in 3D technology and practical tasks for making 3D printed details in our state-of-the-art training base for 3D technology – 3D LAB.

The implementation of STEM program aims to motivate the students to study science, mathematics and technology, to increase their educational outcomes, to acquire a system of competencies, lasting, comprehensive knowledge, key skills and attitudes oriented to practice, the development and career guidance of the students.

The investments will support the development of new teaching methods, raising the qualification of pedagogical specialists and theachers and creating new educational content  integrating the subject areas of STEM.

Succefully Implemented projects under STEM program:

One of the successfully implemented STEM projects is school training center for 3D technologies at Math High School “Acad. Boyan Petkanchin” in Sofia, Bulgaria. The center is focused on Software and Hardware Sciences study.

It is an educational environment that unites spaces, like the so called “laboratories of the future”. The center has educational spaces for practices and presentations, relax zone and exhibition center.

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