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CleanTech Bulgaria and 3DBGPRINT help novice entrepreneurs find the right path to the global market

It is always has being difficult to develop successful start up company.

CleanTech Bulgaria and 3DBGPRINT in collaboration, presents to their customers a very new 3d printing technology for making prototypes.

From the very begining…

…“In Bulgaria, the young people have being very creative lately, developing ideas in the field ofdigital services and information technology. They are obscure areas, that world will continue to develop with great joy. Some of these entrepreneurs ended up abroad and started working to create their own companies. They are the generation that enthusiastically pushes the industry, but usually do not have the necessary funds or funding for correct marketing and realization” – says Mr. Yordan Angelov, co-founder and CEO of 3D BGPRINT.

…”Our company 3D BGPRINT is specialized in professional 3d printing services and we are happy and glad to help every start up business to make their prototype ideas come true!”…”Happy to collaborate with my friends from CleanTech Bulgaria – acceleratoring company supporting  innovations for green energy and economics, cities of the future for a better bad emissions free life”…

Deficit…or the lack of “fuel” for success:

Here is what’s missing for a successful start up business:

…”Most of the Start-up companies do not gain knowledge for successful marketing and do not know how to popularize and most important how to sell their products or service”…” That is why many of the good ideas remain unrealized” – also says Mr. Angelov.

…”The prototyping is the possibility for the potential customers to test variety of products and gives the startup company chance to break into the big market. It is always good to attract partners with knowledge of marketing and advertising”.

…”My strong advice to all young creative people is to join and be part of accelerator programs in order to overcome the deficits, to learn with technical experts and to get the necessary “fuel” in development.”…


…”Often, the start-ups are afraid of attracting equity financing, which calls for trust. And the trust comes from the people, but also from the institutions, from the whole society and business”, says Mr. Angelov.

…” If a given young company does not have the strength and financial capacity to develop itself, it needs to find external support for it”…

…”Joining accelerator programs, guarantee mental help and important knowledge. The young will be provoked for the non-standard thinking which is a certain key for success”…


…”Accelerators, such as Clean Tech Bulgaria are the real “springboard” for every start up, being helpful not only with technical knowledge, but also by teaching how to build a success business presence!”…

CleanTech Bulgaria is focused and supports innovators to create projects and “green” business, provides financing to start-ups, works with leading partners and organizations in the country and abroad, associations, business networks, universities and state institutions. CleanTech Bulgaria is an official partner of Сlіmаtе-КІС and InnoEnergy – the two largest public-private organizations in EU for sustainable energy and climate changes prevention.

Together hand in hand…

Our goal:

…”3DВGРRІNТ is focused in working hand in hand with associations like СlеаnТесh Bulgaria, local accelerators, and collaborates with startup supporting companies from Switzerland and Netherlands, aiming for the brightest start ups”…points out Mr. Angelov.

…”When the young gained certain knowledge and financial support from accelerator organization or a trust fund, the will also get support from 3DBGPRINT. That’s how they will be in a position to make achievements, which they could not have without such assistance”…

Technology with accelerated development

Mr. Angelov, tell us more about the 3d printing:

…”The 3d printing technology is the best and the cheapest way to visualize by prototyping your ideas! This technology steps up more and more in our presence”…”The technology let us create small production lines without big production investment needed. Automotive industry is our biggest client”…”The customers can replace broken parts of their vehicles on their own, which are no longer available on the market”…

…”Among the non-standard areas of usage are the theater stages. Recently got number of customers for making operatic and theatrical scenes.

…”There are so many new tech materials allowing the imprinting even of bones, which can be successfully implanted in a human or animal body”…” The bioprinting of human organs is emerging as a particularly perceptive sphere”…

…”3D printing technology strongly steps up in the constructions as well. For instance, in Netherlands, river bridges were successfully build with 3d printed constructional parts. In China whole villages are made with 3d printed homes”…

…” The development of the 3D printing technology boost’s impetus of new filament developments. Before the main drawback of the technology has been the slow process of the printing, but within few years the process has shortened close to 5 times. The advantages of the 3d printing technology is that it is easy, affordable, ecological and last but not least – cheaper!

…” The Bulgarian market is still poorly aware of 3D printing and its capabilities. That is why 3DBGPRINT works so hard to help the young ambitions gain knowledge, help and support in their journey learning to 3d print!”…

This text is part of 107 edition of “Economics” journal. It is also published on on the strength of the trade agreement between the two media.


Photo: Pixabay

Source: 3Dbgprint

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