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POLYPROPYLENE PP 2320 from fillamentum / Already with us!

We are pleased to share with you that we have new material from Fillamentum available.

Polypropylene PP 2320

This polypropylene, which due to its unique properties will easily become an integral part of your production.

For almost a year, Fillamentum developed this material, as well as technological testing to bring this material to perfection.


3D printing is no longer a privilege of hobby users and designers.

Fillamentum Industrial aims to be implemented in the field of industrial applications.

Their industrial materials will increase production efficiency, saving you time and money. The clear proof is this new polypropylene, which Fillamentum presented at the TCT Show in Birmingham.

Check out its exclusive specifications.


PP 2320 has excellent electrical insulating properties and will find its application as an alternative to PVC in the insulation of electrical cables. Like Vinyl 303, which was launched on the market, it is non-absorbent, so it is ideal as part of a pipeline when making tanks and sinks. The high temperature and resistance to chemicals make PP 2320 a structural component for chemical tools that also require high strength. PP 2320 from Fillamentum Industrial achieves high tensile strength compared to competing polypropylene filaments with greater elongation!


Fillamentum Industrial polypropylene has countless applications, but another unforgettable advantage is the ease of printing. PP 2320 is printed in the temperature range 225-245 ° C.

For maximum strength, we recommend printing at the upper limit of printing temperatures (240-245 ° C). Large objects must be printed in a heated chamber!

Source: Fillamentum


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