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No minimum order.
Competitive prices.

3D Printing

Our 3d printing prices are based on the material volume in cubic centimetres (сm3) or millilitres (ml) of your part. This includes the base or support material needed to print the part.







Price per  cm3 / ml

0.35 €

0.50 – 1 €

0.60 – 1.39 €

0.60-1.39 €

price on request


FDM  – 0.35 €  /  cm3

LCD  – 0.50 – 1 €  /  ml

SLS  – 0.60 – 1.39 €  /  cm3

POLYJET – 0.60-1.39 €  /  ml

METAL PRINTING  – price on request

*No minimum order
*Additional charges may be added if your 3D model needs additional work or editing of the file to be printable.
*FDM costs can be reduced by printing with a lower infill, therefore reducing the material consumption of the part.

3D Modeling / Drafting

If you would like to take advantage or our 3D modeling services, send us a technical drawing or sketch of your part to to receive an offer.

3D Scanning

If you would like an offer for scanning of an object, send us a photo as well as the approximate height, width and depth of your object to

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